Concierge Class Cannabis Management!

We're a cannabis delivery management service enabling safe delivery of top quality, licensed products to your hotel. It’s risky to travel with cannabis, so we eliminated the need.


How it Works

Canncierge partners with reputable, licensed cannabis delivery services in your favorite legal cities!


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Fill your cart with the products you’d like to have delivered. Descriptions of product types can be found below.



Complete your order and provide your contact information then sit back and relax while we quickly dispatch a driver.

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Hotel Friendly Products

Just like a concierge would, we’ll address some of the questions you may have about the products our service partners deliver. Even first time or inexperienced folks should feel comfortable using Canncierge. Slide through this gallery to see the types of products - flower, vapor, edibles & concentrates - that our drivers can bring to you. Right in the comfort of your hotel!



Vapor cartridges are made with concentrates that are thinned with terpenes to provide a clean, flavorful experience in a non-conspicuous form factor.  Cartridges are recommended for travel because it is discrete, portable, and the odor is barely detectable. You’ll need a 510 battery to attach to the cartridge and those usually come with a USB charger.



Flower or plant matter is processed into concentrated THC, CBD and terpenes. Concentrates typically come as “shatter”, “wax”, "live rosin" or “bubble hash”. Concentrates  can be combined with flower and smoked or vaporized on their own. They can also be used by themselves and this process is often called “dabbing” and requires a special device.



Edibles deliver THC and CBD  in foods like candies, brownies, mints, etc. - a good method for those who do not wish to smoke or inhale. Edibles can take up to an hour to “kick in” so you feel the effects. They can be strong so they must be consumed carefully. We recommend starting with no more than 10 mg per dose. All of the products we offer provide dosage information and strain type.



Intended for use outside of your hotel room, flower is the minimally processed plant material intended to be combusted in a pipe, rolled into a joint, or vaporized. Flower comes in three genetic categories. Indica - provides a relaxing “body high”. Sativa – provides a euphoric “lift” or “up" high. Hybrid – a mix of the two. Flower will require a pipe and/or rolling papers plus a lighter. We recommend pre-rolls for hotel guests.


Our Delivery Partners

We have a network of licensed cannabis delivery services. These are the top delivery services in the area. They are fully licensed and their drivers are bonded, professional and courteous.

All orders are managed through our system and transactions are processed by the delivery partners. In general, these services take cash. Some do take debit cards and credit cards as well.